problems we solve


Problems We Solve

You no longer have to worry about hiring the wrong person. You now have a partner that will help you make great hiring decisions and work with you safeguard your reputation and profits.

“We benefit greatly from Searchlight’s criminal record checks on possible employees and have been able to employ the correct people”

“We were able to dismiss employees who submitted fraudulent sick notes with the help of Searchlight’s medical certificate verifications”

“We have been able to red flag potential candidates with concerning social media posts”

“Through verifying our employees’ qualifications, we were able to follow the necessary disciplinary procedures with those who submitted fraudulent certificates”

“Our company has made use of your due diligence investigators on several occasions which yielded great outcomes. Thank you”

“As a recruitment agency we regularly require assistance when verifying credit records and background screening before employing people into high positions”

You are now family and family looks out for one another.

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