Background Screening Services & Criminal Record Checks

Background screening, pre-employment checks, vetting and personal due diligence essentially result in one thing…safe hiring and employment choices.

With over 30 years of investigation and background screening experience, Searchlight Background Screening and Criminal Record Checks has been the leader in the field of vetting individuals and companies, effectively safeguarding clients against bad hiring decisions.


here's why...

In today’s world, the reliance on people’s honesty on their CVs and the “old school” checks on previous employment is simply not sufficient to safeguard your company from the risks associated with hiring or recruiting of people.

The high levels of dishonesty and CV fraud coupled with wholesale identity theft has become a global crisis in the recruitment world.

You, your company and your HR department owe it to yourselves to partner with a background screening agency that you can completely rely on to consistently protect and circumvent you employing or entering into business agreements with high-risk individuals, dishonest vendors, scam artists and politically compromised individuals.

Engaging Searchlight to handle the stress of screening applicants and allowing us to run a battery of background screening techniques, including two (2) types of criminal record checks, the chances of making that wrong hiring decision is strongly mitigated and will provide you with peace of mind that the right decision has been made.

We offer services across Africa, Europe and the Americas.

About Us

Who we are

Searchlight Background Screening Services (S.B.S.S) is a division of D&K Management Consultants; the longest running, second (2nd) generation Commercial, Forensic and Criminal Investigation and intelligence company in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our clients have come to recognise the value in partnering with a professional Background Screening and Vetting company, whilst enjoying the added benefits of our professional suite of services from our Forensic and Criminal Investigation departments.

30 years of investigation and background screening experience

“Look into their past
to safeguard your future.”

Specialising in:

  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Medical Certificate Verifications & Sick Note Fraud
  • Credit Bureau Database Searches
  • Comprehensive Background Screening
  • Qualification Verifications
  • OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)
  • BEE Compliance
  • Politically Compromised Individuals / Companies
  • Financial Risk Research
  • Due Diligence Investigations


available to you

Background Screening: A Crucial Service

Prior to employing or hiring a candidate, it is imperative to get a real insight into who or what you are dealing with.


The high level of medical certificate fraud currently faced in South Africa, has made it essential to verify medical certificates.


Fake websites and fraudulent social media profiles created by disreputable businesses.


You now have a partner that will help you make great hiring decisions and work with you to safeguard your reputation and profits.

Personal Due Diligence

Investigations to ensure the prospective employer is fully aware of the risks, benefits and costs in a hiring decision.

Criminal Record Checks

This service gives employers full access to a candidate’s criminal record information.


Strict background checks to secure against this potential threat and ensure every CV is investigated and verified.

Pre-Employment Polygraph

This gives employers the power to verify the information supplied by candidates during the recruitment process.


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