background screening on suppliers/ vendors


Just like fraudulent CVs and fake identity documents are presented by dishonest job seekers, so fake websites and fraudulent social media profiles are created by disreputable businesses. This is done by syndicates or individuals with the sole aim of scamming or defrauding companies.

Performing complete background screening and, if required, due diligence on potential suppliers is as critical as pre-employment screening. These Supplier and Vendor Background Screening Services require specialist skills and techniques that only highly experienced background screening agents should perform.

  • Directorship Checks
  • Ownership Checks
  • SARS Registrations
  • Deed Searches
  • B-BBEE Verification
  • Government Associates or Links
  • COID Verification
  • Comprehensive Company Checks
  • Company Reputation Checks
  • Comprehensive Due Diligence Services

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