By Claudette Groenewald

“Never judge a book by its cover.” This is a common motto that has been used for many generations. To many, it may mean nothing but in the terms of recruitment, it means something unique. When it comes to selecting the best applicants to work for a business, digging deeper into their personalities and backgrounds rather than just face value should be a serious routine practice.

You as the HR Manager or the Employer should unearth all the truths and red flags with Background Screening and Criminal Checks.

In today’s competitive job market, individuals are more inclined to exaggerate and hide certain aspects of their history to appear more appealing to employers and recruiters. While some of these measures are somewhat obvious to the trained employer or recruiter, not all will be easy to spot until the background checks and criminal screenings take place.

With SearchLight Background Screening and Criminal Checks, you are able to do these checks at a reasonable price.

  • Criminal Record Checks,
  • Qualification Checks,
  • Credit Checks,
  • Validity of ID,
  • Traffic Offences,
  • Previous Employment History and Truth Verification Tests (Polygraph),
  • Proof of Residence via Actual House Visits,
  • Reasons for Gaps in a CV,
  • Fraud Register Checks,
  • OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence),
  • Compromised Government Relationships,
  • Detailed Checks of Court (Civil) or (Criminal) Judgements

Another factor of a recruitment background check that may not have occurred to you is a check of the potential employee’s driving record, especially if the employees is going to be driving your vehicles or perhaps fetching your children from school and taking them to extra murals. This information would also be able to show you whether the applicant is responsible or not.

You may be amazed at what you could find on an individual. The clearer a picture you can get of an applicant before employing them, the better.

Why Background Checks are Important

In today’s world, employers and recruitment agencies have the right to learn more about the applicant that they are about to commit to a legal relationship with. They also have the right to ensure that a potential new hire does not have anything lurking in their past that could potentially harm the business or create a safety hazard for clients and other employees.

More Reasons for Using Background Screening and Criminal Checks in Recruiting

There are some additional reasons as to why background checks should always be a required part of the recruitment process.

Background screening and criminal checks can be a valuable tool for selecting the right applicant fit every time. When used consistently, this simple step can eliminate many future problems for the business or company.

By using a third-party company for background screening and criminal checks, instead of having your full time recruiters or your contract recruiters do them, you can also have the benefit of ensuring consistency and eliminating prejudice when it comes to verifying the hiring process as SearchLight Background Screening and Criminal Checks has nothing invested in whether or not you should hire a certain applicant for your business or company. Our only goal is to make sure you know about everything you need to know to determine whether or not an individual is a risk to employ. This also allows you to incorporate their results into your decision-making process with confidence.

Allow SearchLight to Find All the Nitty Grits before Making a Life Changing Decision.

Yours sincerely,

Searchlight Background Screening & Criminal Record Checks

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