By Kyle Condon

In the fast-paced world we live in today, employers often overlook the importance of conducting risk-based pre-employment screening checks. These include

Criminal Record checks, Credit Bureau checks, Past Employment Reference checks and Qualification Verifications, to name a few. If these essential pre-employment screening steps are “skipped” during the employment process – or if the checks are done in a half-hearted manner – employers run the risk of employing candidates with a history of fraud and other criminal activities unbeknownst to them.

Below are some of the concerns employers have when approached with the idea of implementing risk-based pre-employment screening on protentional candidates:

Is background screening of potential candidates legal?

Employers have every right to conduct background screening checks on protentional candidates, provided that they have obtained the written consent from the candidate. It is in the employer’s best interest to ensure that they are hiring the candidate best suited to the position.

Would employers lose “good” candidates when asking for their consent to run background checks?

No. Any “good” candidate would be more than willing to give written, signed consent to have the required checks conducted as they would not have anything to hide.

It would be a tell-tale sign that a candidate has something to hide, should they refuse or become uncomfortable when asked to sign and give written consent for background screening checks to be conducted.

Would background screening be a waste of money?

The cost of conducting risk-based background screening checks will most likely cost less than the financial damage that one poor hiring decision can cause.

By conducting risk-based pre-employment screening checks before employing a potential candidate, the employer is given an “overview” of who they are really employing i.e.:

  • Does the candidate have any existing financial difficulties (which are often a precursor to fraud)?
  • Is there any fraudulent information reflecting on their CV’s (not often picked up by the untrained eye)?
  • Does the candidate find it difficult to adhere to the law?

It is, therefore, of utmost importance that employers conduct risk-based pre-employment screening checks on each and every potential candidate, whether it be a permanent employee or a contractor, before employment is offered.

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